SWAN CIO Summit 2016

· Solving Investment Challenges ·

April 3rd – 5th | Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

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Why attend?

Engage with portfolio managers, top ETF strategists, and research professional through interactive presentations, panel discussions, receptions and dinners. Invited participants will include portfolio managers, CIOs, research professionals, and wealth management executives.

Our mission for the Swan CIO Summit is to promote an open dialogue to discuss and share ideas on some of the most challenging issues facing institutional investors.

Participation is by invitation only to ensure diversity of opinions from industry experts and a high level of intellectual exchange.

The Swan CIO Summit gathers an impressive lineup of leading asset managers, ETF strategists, and options experts from State Street, BlackRock, Aon Hweitt, MSCI, S&P Capital IQ  and more to provide:

  • Discussion of the latest in investment theory and practices institutional investors are facing
  • Engaging content and research to inform decisions around portfolio construction
  • Solutions in a challenging environment and ways to manage risks to formulate strategies for improving portfolio integrity

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Guest Speakers

Swan CIO Summit hosts an impressive line-up of guest speakers.

John P. Hyland
Managing Director- Head of ETF Investment Strategists / BlackRock

John will lead a discussion diving into the various strategies and opportunities within new asset classes, specifically international equities, specifically: the evolution of global equities and benchmarks, trading international ETFs, and core, risk-adjusted, tactical, currency-hedged opportunities.

Jared Rowley - State Street
Jared Rowley, CFA
Strategist, SPDR ETFs & SSgA Funds / State Street Global Advisors

Jared will discuss the benefits of sector investing and examine cutting-edge strategies that optimize exposures within the S&P 500 to pursue alpha.  The presentation will cover, sector investing, consideratons for cap-weighted sector investing, and why equal-weighted sector investing may be the best approach

Sam Stovall
U.S. Equities Strategist / S&P Capital IQ

Sam will lead a session titled the ‘Rules-Based Sector Rotation Strategies’ focused on extracting one’s emotions from the investment process through the proper employment of sector correlation, momentum and seasonality.

Donald Robinson - Palladiem LLC
Donald G. Robinson
CEO and Co-CIO / Palladiem  LLC

With over 30 years of portfolio and investment industry advisory expertise in areas of risk factor allocation and non-correlated investment strategies, Donald will offer keen insight as a panelist in our discussion concerning the “Role of Alternatives: Addressing Investors’ Critical Needs and Outcomes”.

Randy Swan
Founder, CEO, PM / Swan Global Investments

Randy will review the past, expand on the present and discuss the future of Swan Global Investments.

John Thompson, Jr.
Partner, Head of Investment Solutions / Aon Hewitt

John designs and manages asset allocation portfolios for Aon Hewitt’s clients and brings industry leading portfolio construction and analysis expertise to our panel discussion on the “Role of Alternatives: Addressing Investors’ Critical Needs and Outcomes”.

David Beth
President, COO / WallachBeth Capital

Dave will join our panel discussion on “Defining and Managing Risk with Options”, adding a wealth of knowledge on options trading, ETF and equity options strategies, and portfolio management.

Frank Tirado
VP – OIC Education / Options Industry Council

Frank is responsible for business development efforts and for creating curriculum for educational initiatives targeted to investors, traders, institutions, and financial advisors. He will join a panel discussion on utilizing options to define and manage risk.

Benjamin Londergan
Exec Managing Dir & Head of Options Trading and Technology OIC Education / Convergex

Benjamin brings a rich background from options trading on the floor of the CBOE , to a CEO role at Group One Trading LP and MD and Head of Options Trading and Technology at Convergex to our panel discussion on “Defining and Managing Risk with Options”.

Paul Riccardella
Executive Director – Wealth Advisory Team / MSCI

Indexing has come a long way since MSCI first entered the business in the late 1960s and in the last few years we have seen an explosion in popularity of non-market cap weighted methodologies. Paul will lead an in-depth presentation on MSCI index methodologies and their evolution over time.

Kevin Malone, Greenrock Research - Swan CIO Summit 2016
Kevin Malone
President and CIO –  Greenrock Research

Kevin brings a depth and breadth of experience in portfolio management and pension consulting to our panel discussion on the Role of Alternatives.  Prior to co-founding McBryan, Malone and Russell in 1996, an investment management firm specializing in options strategies, Kevin created and managed the pension consulting group at Paine Webber. He also serves on many nonprofit boards.

Joe Gordon
Founder, Managing Partner / Gordon Asset Management

Joe will discuss unique strategies for addressing the challenges facing the defined contribution marketplace.


April 3rd-5th 2016
Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Dress code – business casual.

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