Swan CIO Summit – Session Videos & Event Slide Show

Swan CIO Summit – Session Videos

Research Panel: Role of Alternatives


Marc Odo, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM®, CFP®, Director of Investment Solutions at Swan Global Investments moderates this insightful panel discussion on the role of alternatives when considering portfolio construction to solve the unique challenges investors face today and going forward.

Special guest speakers:

John Thompson, Partner/Head of Institutional Advisory Services – AON Hewitt

Don Robinson, CEO and Co-CIO – Palladiem, LLC

Kevin Malone, President and CIO – Greenrock Research

Options Panel: Defining and Managing Risk with Options


Chris Hausman, CMT from Swan Global Investments moderates a panel discussion covering a range of topics including, options market and product expansion, risk management and implications for options within retirment accounts based on the DOL rule.

Panel Speakers:

David Beth, President and COO – WallachBeth Capital

Benjamin Londergan, Exec Managing Dir and Head of Trading – Convergex

Frank Tirado, VP of OIC Education – Options Industry Council

Swan PM Panel: Insights from Randy & Rob Swan


Sean McCaffrey, Managing Director at Swan Global Investments moderates a panel discussion with the PMs of Swan Global Investments, Randy and Rob Swan, covering the origins, historical performance, portfolio applications, and future of the Defined Risk Strategy.

Panel Speakers:

Randy Swan – Founder, President and PM

Rob Swan – COO, Co-Portfolio Manager

Sean McCaffrey – MD, Head of Distribution

Math Matters: Rethinking the Math Behind Investment Returns


Micah Wakefield, CAIA®, Director of Research and Product Development dives into material from his white paper ‘Math Matters‘ about the math that drives investment returns (like compounding, volatility drag, and distribution of returns), how the industry can emphasize and help investors understand which data points to focus on when seeking long-term financial goals.

Solving the Retirement Conundrum: Untying the Gordian Knot


Marc Odo, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM®, CFP®, Director of Investment Solutions for Swan Global Investments delivers a poignant presentation, based on his recent white paper, on the myriad of daunting and challenges Baby Boomers face, as well as, the challenges those saving for retirement must overcome to achieve desired outcomes including:
• The diminished role of public and private pensions and the greater importance of “do it yourself” defined contribution and IRA plans
• Increased longevity risk as people are living longer than ever before
• Bond yields at historic lows, threatening both the income and capital preservation roles of fixed income
• Stock markets at all-time highs while the global economy is slowing
• The risk of withdrawing from baby boomers’ retirement accounts during bear markets in bonds and/or stocks
• The risk investors pose to themselves bypanic-selling during market downturns

Collectively these challenges seem insurmountable, like the legendary Gordian Knot, but like Alexander the Great cleaved the knot using bold, innovative action, the Defined Risk Strategy is designed to address these challenges in direct and innovative manner.

Note – This presentation was presented for 1 hour of CE credit (CIMA/CFP), but CE credit is not available by watching this video.

Swan CIO Summit – Event Slide Show